YouTube and Vimeo Settings for Video Upload

I do a great deal of video editing for volunteer work at my church.  We were recording video of services and classes and even recording audio that was being converted to audio for the purpose of being placed on YouTube and sometimes Vimeo.  Which codecs should I use?  What bitrates and frequencies should be used?  The truth was that I didn’t know.

I was inclined to do a fair amount of research and discovered that both YouTube and Vimeo have very different upload expectations.  Here’s what I found.

Best YouTube and Vimeo Settings for Video Upload

For, I follow these settings:

Consequently, I created two render profiles (a SD profile and a HD profile) in Kdenlive.  Both have 44100 Hz sampling in 128kbit/sec AAC.  The SD video is at 1000kbit/sec and the HD video is at 2000kbit/sec for the H.264 codec.  Both profiles have a two-pass render.  My SD video is so high because my camera records in 720×420 which falls in the category for .8-1 Mbit/sec video.  Deinterlaci ng is preferred.

YouTube and Vimeo settings for video upload
Borrowed from These are the best YouTube and Vimeo settings for video upload.

In Vimeo, I follow these:

Consequently, I again created two profiles.  One of HD and the other for SD.  Again I use the H.264 codec with AAC audio compression.  For SD video, we use 2000kbit/sec and for HD we use 5000kbit/sec.  Video should be 853×480 for Widescreen (16:9) DV.  1280×720 for 720p.  Deinterlacing is a must (i.e., force progressive) and audio bitrates at 320 kbps at 44100 Hz.


In the end, these values will always change.   As technology, rendering software, and broadband internet improve and increase in our world, YouTube and Vimeo will abandon these recommendations and opt for video that produces a better end-user experience;  who can blame them?   For 2011, these are as good as it gets.

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    1. That was a fun post to write. YouTube and Vimeo are quickly becoming among my most used sites.

      I’m glad that work wasn’t only useful to me. 🙂

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