Xfce and not KDE

In a rather odd way, I started using Xfce.  I’ve long had it installed on my Ubuntu (guest) computer.  However, I was never very impressed with it.  It was very fast and, unlike Fluxbox, the interface didn’t seem quite so clunky (sorry Fluxbox fans, I used it as my primary workspace manager for years).  KDE 4.2.x was (is!) a very excellent DE.  However, I was curious if I could reap power savings by leaving the more computationally intense desktop.

I simply issued

yum groupinstall xfce

and YUM did the rest.  I further had to issue “yum install xfce-power-manager” in order to get the power manager.  So far, I’m very impressed.

Did it help me save battery life on my Linux laptop?  Not really.  What seems to have been the most helpful is the installation of the nVidia proprietary drivers (by source or by RPMFusion via YUM). 

There are a great many things I like about Xfce.  Like Gnome, the changes between desktops are controlled by ++arrow keys.  I like the file manager a great deal (although I do miss the split windows of Dolphin).  Since I have KDE installed, I can run my KDE apps (i.e., Korganizer) and similarly my Gnome applications.

Does anyone have any special tricks or applications that they feel strongly furthered the productivity of using Xfce?


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