Volunteer church social media tactics.

Volunteer Church Social Media Tactics


Our congregation (The Broad Street Church of Christ, http://www.broadstreetcoc.org) has been using social media now for several years–more fully now than ever before. Being one of the few who actively alters and updates the media, I’ve thought quite a bit about this. I’ll share some of the things that we do and plan to do. However, if anyone is out there reading this, I’d love feedback.

Volunteer Church Social Media

Primarily, this force consists of member-volunteers. Some are just fast to share/retweet, others have an integral part.

We do social media via Facebook and YouTube (consequently G+). Two volunteers (a husband/wife combo) address AV needs during the service and record audio which is shared and converted to video by another member. Then, we use YouTube to post “videos” (sermon audio with a still image). The option to post those videos to G+ happens automatically. Facebook is used far more extensively. We post:

  • Reminders of services,
  • Versions of songs that will be used or introduced into services,
  • Photos of church events,
  • Announcements for classes (teachers post comments and quizzes, tests, etc.)
  • Announcements concerning mission trips, departures, and returns, and
  • Several other things which, no doubt, I’m forgetting at this moment.

For Facebook, we’ve taken advantage of the several of their wonderful tools including:

  • The Facebook Web Address (our Facebook page is http://www.facebook.com/broadstreetcoc),
  • The “Insights” feature. That tool aggregates information from site visits and helps us learn what posts make the greatest difference, and
  • The ability to schedule posts.


In the future, we plan to use the polls and to ask more open-ended questions. As we make a much-needed upgrade to our current site, we’ll post blog posts and such to the FB page as well.  We also plan to use Instagram for our youth ministry (demographics, right?).

What uses do other churches make out of FB? I would love to hear constructive comments.


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