Video for the Sansa Fuze

I recently purchased a Sansa Fuze and I am very impressed. I live in Linux, and so by switching to MSC mode, I can mount my Fuze and literally manage all the files through KDEs Dolphin. I really am very impressed.

I currently have a few problems, most of which can be circumvented easily. I can’t seem to play Ogg Vorbis .ogg files (which is one of the main reasons I wanted this player and not an iPod of sorts). I also have to resize any photographs to a smaller resolution than a standard 6.1 MB camera. The main problem has been the formatting of videos. I cannot seem to format videos in a way which the Fuze will play. I’ve really spent quite a lot of time on the net and so far my results have returned the following ideas.

On the anythingbutipod forum someone had posted the details of a video already on the Fuze. This seems incredibly helpful. I also found similar information on the ubuntuforums. So, my best attempt is to use FFmpeg to make the conversions to the appropriate file format (.avi). gives a more simplistic and less detailed set of commands for FFmpeg, but gives the full rundown of commands. The last link is by far the most helpful.

However, I so far have no results in making those videos work well. Has anyone else done this?

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