Using Kdenlive

I started using Kdenlive seriously today. I have had it installed (off and on) for at least three years now. However, we’d never really had enough video on file to worry about having video editing software installed!

Using Kdenlive

Well, I decided to start piecing together some of my videos from the past summer. Kdenlive has an excellent visual front-end to what I used to do when I worked in the studios of my high school cable TV station and at a TV station local to my hometown. It was really quite easy. In fact, my laptop presented the bottleneck….more RAM and processor would be excellent.

I needed some help dropping the audio of a video clip behind that of an audio track that was overlayed. A simple Google “adjust audio in a clip kdenlive ” and the link was returned. Even the page is helpful!

So far, I’m very impressed. If only my personal editing skills can get back to what they once were…


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