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With the old name associated with this blog, I had enjoyed reasonably high Google search-engine rankings. When I changed to realsuddenlike, I instantly suffered a decrease in traffic although articles with the old name still appeared in the Google search results.

The link Google Webmasters provides links to Google tools for webmasters and designers. Signing in to “Webmaster Tools” gives a text-box in which you can enter the URL of your website. After entering “” into that textbox, I clicked “Add Site” and submitted it. I further deleted the old blog name.

By clicking on the newly-submitted link for “”, I am now given a new page with tools like “Diagnostics” and “Settings”. At this point, we first need to submit a sitemap. Apparently, blogger blogs use their Atom feed (atom.xml) for a sitemap. Consequently, the sitemap for is given at To do this, a specific meta tag must be appended to the code to verify ownership.

Hopefully, all of this will help.

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