Unboxing of a Dyson DC50 Multifloor

We recently purchased a new vacuum cleaner.  Our old one, a Kirby G6 (seen below) was a monster that weighed over twenty pounds.  It could suck up anything and everything in its path and actually sucked things up as well as you would it expect it to based upon the ways it looked.

Dyson DC50 Multifloor
Borrowed from viewpoints.com. Our old vacuum cleaner was this 20+ pound Kirkby G6.

The Kirby was also big.  With limited storage in the house, the G6 was big enough, itself. However, the G6 also required bags and came with 10 attachments and a detachable hose.  Also, because it was so big I was the only one using it–and not even that often.

Looking at reviews and sales of the weekend, we found a Dyson DC50 Multifloor.  I happened to find it on sale and picked it up for a good price.

Assembly of a Dyson DC50 Multifloor

The Dyson comes in a small box–disappointly small.  But as you look at everything Dyson does with the packaging, you recognize that they’re really trying to reduce waste.  I applaud that wholeheartedly.

For me, assembly was not particularly straightforward.  In the video, I take a few moments and unbox, assemble, and test a Dyson DC50 Multifloor. (http://www.amazon.com/DC50-Multi-Floor-Compact-Upright-Vacuum/dp/B00GYOLXTI) rather than write about it.  Check it out:

After some time, the unit was assembled, and was something I could easily use. I instantly vacuumed our home and had to empty the canister five times. A combination of being a better vacuum cleaner and us not using the ginormous other unit had left us with a dirty house.

The Dyson comes with lots of attachments–including one for blinds and even ceiling fans.  The hose to use these is, in Dyson form, built into the handle.   But, in the end, what wins me is the ability to transition between hard floors and carpets with no effort.

I’ve included a link of you’re curious.  The ratings seems low for this vacuum, on Amazon, but it’s worth the purchase.

Four Months with the Dyson

Four months have come and gone since I bought the Dyson DC50 Multifloor vacuum and I still love this small vac.  We clean all the floors in our house with it and it does an excellent job.

Even cooler, my kids like to vacuum with it.  My smallest one even likes to clean out the dust bin.

Would I recommend this vacuum?  Absolutely!  It’s expensive but seems to be worth it.  The build is solid, the performance is strong, and its size and weight are small.  I couldn’t ask for something better.

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