Traveling Salesman

Today, a local entrepreneur walked to my house.  The weather was pleasant:  slightly breezy and in the mid-50’s.  He announced his intentions and starting the process of garnering me as a client.  He handed me his information (complete with contact info).  He also announced that he was opening a new “branch” of his brand of companies for which he worked and would love to meet with my wife and myself.

Traveling Salesman

Under normal circumstances, I would’ve evaded this fellow at all costs.  Today was different.  Here was a gentleman who was trying to work.  He was dressed nicely, was polite, and was literally “beating the bushes” for clients.  He was not content to take a handout.  He wasn’t even content to take clients only by referral.  He was out actively trying to recruit new clients.  (I bet this guy even tries to get his friends on board!  Normally I would not like this.  But, I appreciate this guy.)


Why am I giving this fellow such kudos?  Because he is no longer the norm.  He is no longer identical to those criteria by which we measure “par”.   We expect people to be slightly dishonest at their jobs.  We expect people to take handouts just a little too easily.  We expect morals to be compromised in not-even-difficult scenarios (yes, taking an unauthorized pen or pencil from work is stealing).  But today, this guy was looking sharp, shaking hands, and working hard.

May God bless him for that.

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