The YUM Preso Plugin

Another example of Linux innovation is the Presto plug-in for YUM. Using a newer type of RPM called a Delta-RPM (or .drpm) which contains only the updates to previous .rpm files, Presto reduces the download sizes of updates and upgrades to RPM-based Linux OSs.

For instance, just this morning I ran “sudo yum update” from CLI. My total download was seven packages totalling thirty-six megabytes. However, using Presto and downloading only the .drpm files, I got the following response from YUM

Presto reduced the updates to 4.4 M from 32 M which is a 87% savings.

I still had 2 packages to download that totalled 3.5 MB. In total, I reduced the size of my updates downloads from 36 MB to 7.9 MB. That really is an incredible economy.

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