Mansfield Toilet Repair and Upgrade

We moved to our current home in 2008 and all three toilets featured a Mansfield toilet kit.  At some point, we recognized that we struggled with the same problem in each of the three toilets–flushing wasn’t easy.  (I know, this is clearly a first-world problem.)

One by one I changed out the guts of the toilet for something that was fast to refill, quick to flush, and quiet.  Eventually, on two of the toilets, we decided to try some water saving techniques.

Here is a YouTube Video that I posted some time ago about replacing the innards of a Mansfield toilet. The toilet itself was stylish enough, but the mechanism allowed for continual running of water and was just hard to work.

I replaced the internal workings with a Flowmaster kit that was coupled to a water-saving two button flush kit.

This video has turned out to be my most popular video.