AT&T Changed My Mind

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If you recall, I wrote this post about a month ago about how frustrated I was with AT&T and how I could save money with switching to T-Mobile.  I didn’t end up switching and let me share why.

AT&T Changed My Mind

I worked out a budget for what T-Mobile was going to cost my family (including cost of phones, after taxes and S&H).  I then called AT&T and shipped myself directly to “Cancel your serve” via the menu  when I called 800-331-0500.   I laid out the facts and expenses and then said, “can you get me anywhere near close to this?”  They did.

In the end, through simply giving me credits, creating/hacking together phone plans, discounting phones, and through discounting the messaging plans (the data plans remained at the $20/plan/month fee) I got a plan that was about $3/month higher than what T-Mobile would costed.  So, then, why did I stick with AT&T?

1.  It sounds hokey, but I genuinely believe in customer loyalty.  I know that free enterprise (which I also strongly believe in) requires competition.  But, I went to the company and asked them to compete and they did.

2. As much as we tried and tested T-Mobile sims in all the areas of the country to which we go, I know that AT&T gets connectivity in those places.  Although probably not justified,  I have some lingering doubt about TM signal distributions just due to inexperience.

3.  On the front end, I would have had to re-engage in sign-up fees for TM which I didn’t have to (I can’t see the charges anywhere) with AT&T.  Plus, I didn’t have to deal with the porting of my numbers.  On the back end, if anything goes wrong with the mobile phone setup, I’m the go-to guy in the family.  So, when my family travels far and wide, if a new service doesn’t work I have to deal with the repercussions of that choice.  Are these two issues alone worth the cost difference in service between the two carriers  over the span of two years?  Absolutely.


Finally, what I consider most important, when I got through with an hour phone call with an AT&T representative I requested the offers they sent me be annotated in my account (they’re supposed to do this automatically) AND emailed to me.  I have electronic proof that a deal was made.  If I’m mislead, it’s there and AT&T has been good about honoring deals or recompensing due to mis-speaking representatives.  If everything goes according to plan, then I just have another email in my inbox.

If anything changes my opinion and makes me regret my choice, I’ll definitely write about it.