Drawing a Line in LaTeX


LaTeX is amazing, truly. My typeset documents are clean, sharply arranged, and consistent. I can include mathematical formulae, images, tables, etc. However, sometimes, even doing the most rudimentary of things becomes difficult. For example, drawing a line in LaTeX.

Drawing a Line in LaTeX

I needed to draw a horizontal line in a presentation or for an in-lecture “fill-in-the-blank”. I found the link http://timmurphy.org/2009/08/15/drawing-horizontal-lines-in-latex/. For drawing a line in LaTeX, basically, all you have to do is


(taken directly from the aforementioned site). I adjusted the length down to get desired line size.


Thanks to the author (Tim Murphy) at http://timmurphy.org/2009/08/15/drawing-horizontal-lines-in-latex/.