Three Excellent Internet Citation Tools


For both personal and professional works, I create documents that must include a bibliography or “works cited” page. In college, I had to use the following book in order to properly cite works.

As internet citations were fairly new (back in the 1990’s), those references were frowned upon and there were no guides to do such.

Today, we rely on the internet heavily for scholarly references. But, the internet also helps us to create proper citations using a variety of tools.

Internet Citation Tools

I use three main tools now:

  1. Google Scholar. If you say “it’s just not a great tool”, then you’re lying to yourself. What makes this tool stellar is the ability to pull free editions of PDF-versions of works from websites. The bibliography exportation tool is also phenomenal. The ability to export to BibTeX is among my favorite.
  2. Son of Citation Machine. This link is nice because (in any of several formats) you can generate references in a simple fashion. Heck, many of the URLs that you drop into the search bar have already been cataloged.
  3. Cite This for Me.  This site permits the generation of BibTeX citations using a standard appearance in APA style.


In the world of scholarly work, an improper or sloppy citation process can seriously damage your credibility. Why risk it? Use internet citations tools to guarantee that the reference citations in your works cited/bibliography are valid and correct for the realm in which you publish.