Suspend on Dell D620 running Fedora 8 Linux.


This post is updated on 10/23/2015 from the original 7/10/2008 post.


I desperately need to mention how I got suspend using my nVidia card to work on my Dell D620 Latitude.

Update:  The quirk causing the suspend issue was an apparently standard problem with many laptops and that variant of the Fedora/Redhat kernel.  The solution was found at  However, that link is now defunct.


A better link to referencing for fixing the suspend issue would be my article that actually references the same dead link above.  However, I go into much greater detail in that article



The solution referenced is in fact the solution that worked multiple times for me.  In fact, I referenced it in my blog to help address suspend issues for me on multiple laptops in the older Latitude series.  I hope this helps readers as well.

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