The Wonders of SSH

I’m writing today about the wonders of ssh. This native-to-UNIX tool is the replacement for rsh. SSH (secure shell) is a terminal-based tool which connects to a machine running a corresponding server. The user can then execute commands as if he/she were there.


This tool is ridiculously handy. I know that admins live by it. Killing jobs, starting servers, executing scripts and jobs, or even rebooting the machine remotely can be done remotely using this tool. If you have admin (root) access, you can do anyything via ssh.

Perhaps my favorite option is the ‘-X’ flag. This stands for X-Forwarding. In other words, with this enabled, if I launch programs remotely, I get the program popping up on my own desktop. How fabulous! For those of us who live in MATLAB a remote connection to a faster machine with tons of RAM is priceless.

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