Shaving Like An Old Man (Part Two)

Shaving like an old man.
Gillette Superspeed1948-1950. This is the razor that I got my from my grandfather–his and now mine. (Shaving like an old man.)


You may have come here from Part One. Thanks for joining!

I had decided. I was going to try a double-edged safety razor shave. I scoured the Badger and Blade boards for best razors, best blades, best brushes, best soaps, etc. What did I do?  How was I going to start this journey?

How I Started Shaving Like An Old Man

Rather than buy a double-edge razor handle, I asked my grandad. Turns out that my grandfather still had his 1948-1950 Gillette Superspeed. I asked if I could use it and he seemed proud that I would want his old razor.  (I think of him every time I shave with it.)  On a recent vacation, my family met with my parents; I had asked my mom to bring it. I cleaned it with Scrubbing Bubbles and cleaned out the little pieces with a cotton swab.

Here are the things that I (including my wife) bought:

I picked the sample blade kit because I had no idea which blades will/won’t work well for me. My wife picked the Proraso soap based upon reading she did on Badger and Blade. She also picked the stand because she thought it looked nice and I agree with her assessment. The brush seemed like a good deal and everyone said that the brush was actually fantastic.


So, for a small investment, I’m into double-edged shaving. But, I had not yet shaved and was a little timid about doing so for the first time.  Looking back, I had nothing to worry about but didn’t know that at the time.

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