Shaving Like An Old Man (Part Three)

Shaving Like An Old Man (Part Three)


I had received all of the components mentioned in Shaving Like An Old Man, Part Two. However, until yesterday, I was still within one or two cartridges of my old supplies. Yesterday was a “haircut day” and, as we all know, you leave a barber shop with pounds of small hair clippings. So, as I took a shower, I thought “today is a good day to try this.”

Shaving Like An Old Man (Part Three)

I’ve been working to get to yesterday’s shave for about 1.5 weeks. I’ve been using the brush and lather for a while to get used to what goes down. Yesterday was the implementation of the razor.

I picked one of the Gillette 7’O’Clock blades and put it in the razor. With a good moist beard (post-shower), I got out, got good hot water and built up a nice lather with the brush. I shaved intentionally in the direction of my beard growth. I suffered only two nicks: one on my chin and one in that concave spot to the side of the Adam’s Apple.

Today, I shaved and knocked off the scab from yesterday’s chin accident and then scratched (no blood!) my neck. I lathered again using the brush and went across the grain on my chin. Several hours later, my face still feels smoother than it would have had I used my Fusion. There is no face irritation and my scratch doesn’t bother me a bit.

I didn’t talk at all about what I used post-shave. I had invested in some “Every Man Jack” post-shave gel. It’s nice. I stuck with it.


As I continue to learn about shaving, I make fewer mistakes.  I’m interested in knowing about other peoples’ choices for blades.  If you have any, please let me know below, in the comment!

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