Shaving Like An Old Man (Part One)


Really, the title is misleading.  Perhaps the title should be “Shaving Like Men of Yesteryear” or perhaps “Yore” instead of “Yesteryear”, but I think some of you know where this is headed.  I’m about to write about the same thing that I see all over the internet–shaving with a single-blade, double-edged safety razor.  Let me discuss my path to this choice.

Frustration with Shaving

In 2009, we had a membership to a BJ’s (like a Sam’s Club).  My Mach 3 was about to run out of blades and I really wanted to try out the Gillette Fusion (the manual, pre-battery) version. So, there we were and I saw an incredible deal of 40 blades plus the handle for approximately $80. I bought in.

I have loved my Fusion. The shave (especially the first few on a cartridge) was incredible. Since I shave irregularly the blades basically made it through about three years.

Now, in the summer of 2012, I was starting to run out and I recognized that these blades cost a lot. I couldn’t find any for less than $2.50/cartridge; the average price was close to $3.00. I might get 25 shaves off of one and so I couldn’t get it down less than 10 cents/shave. Then you start to include shaving cream and whatnot and the shave becomes ever more expensive. Further, I have a stiff beard. I kept getting razor burn and my neck would break out.

What was a fellow to do? I contemplated going back to my Mach 3, but the price wasn’t much better. I found sites like Dollar Shave Club. I didn’t end up using their service, but enjoyed watching and reading the site. I finally remembered some of my friends talking about using a straight razor…which I was not about to do.

Shaving Like An Old Man

Enter Google. I cannot remember the string I used to search, but apparently I originally came up with results from (go Pack!) about shaving with a safety razor and then presented with links from Badger & Blade.

Before long, I turned to YouTube and found videos from Mantic59 (most notably this video) and others so that I could watch people shaving using straight razors or double-edged safety razors. This video ( was the one that sold me. The commentary is a little dry, but the nature with which the guy shaved helped calm me down so that I believed I could do it.


This series continues at Part Two. Follow my journey and learn to shave like I do, now.

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