Second set of YUM Problems

I got a weird error telling me to run a very specific string of commands. The command string and results were

sudo package-cleanup –problems
[sudo] password for jernstberger:
Setting up yum
Loaded plugins: dellsysidplugin2, fastestmirror, presto, refresh-packagekit
Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile
Reading local RPM database
Processing all local requires
Missing dependencies:
Package initscripts-8.95-1.x86_64 requires /sbin/arping
Package minicom-2.3-4.fc11.x86_64 requires lrzsz
Package html2ps-1.0-0.2.b5.fc11.noarch requires libpaper.

The two packages, libpaper and lrzsz, install easily using “yum install”. The third required command, /sbin/arping, was remedied by installing the package “iputils” (which I found on a RPMFusion page which I cannot reference). Now all works.

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