My 16GB AT&T Samsung S5 Wouldn’t Update to 5.1.1

Since late October, when AT&T announced an Android 5.1.1 update to their version of the Samsung Galaxy S5, I’ve tried to get it.  My Samsung S5 wouldn’t update with the OTA update.  The update would download, the phone would reboot, and then an error would be pronounced.

My 16GB Samsung Galaxy S5 Wouldn’t Update

Searching on the web didn’t net the results I had hoped.  I was told that one of two options were my best:  factory reboot or Samsung Kiosk at a Best Buy.

Not wanting to wipe the phone (strike one), I made the first step:  I went to the Samsung Kiosk at Best Buy believing that they could help me and would have all the images on hand–like they claim.  I was wrong.  Due to an employer hierarchy, the employee on hand couldn’t even GET the latest ROM for the phone.  Strike two.

I downloaded Kies 3 and found the factory ROM at  I opted out of this also because I felt like I shouldn’t have to make this choice. (Strike two-and-a-half.)

The number one piece of info that I kept finding on the web was to issue a factory reset.  Why would I want to do this?  Customization, like this, takes hours and hours of life and use to cycle it into its most usable form (for me).

Here’s How I Fixed It

Finally, I found a solution.  Check out this link.  This AT&T forum site recommended a minimum of 3GB of free space for the OTA to take place.  Other sites recommended as much as 6GB.  But, on a 16GB phone, removing even 3GB is quite a lot of information.  How did I do it?

First, I uninstalled any applications that I had not used in quite a while.  Fortunately, the Google Play store keeps a record of what apps have been installed.  After I uninstalled many applications, there still was not enough space on the phone.  I dumped the application storage and found enough storage space to meet the quota that I required.


I once again initiated the check for a software update and the phone began to pull the 5.1.1 OTA update.  The phone rebooted and this time the phone started the update process and the application optimization.

The phone now has Android 5.1.1 running on it.  My S5 runs smoothly and I’ve noticed few differences.  I think, mainly, security issues were what have been resolved.  The factory wipe, it turns out, probably was only freeing the space that I was able to do manually.

Finally, remember, that a lot of Google searching will find someone else who either has had the same problem and solved it or is looking to solve it and will work with you to do just that.


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