Samsung Impression

At the end of the month of December, we upgraded our phone plan and our phones with AT&T wireless. I had plans to get the Motorola Karma and my wife was to get the Samsung Solstice. The AT&T representative told me that the Karma was out of stock and I could either wait or choose another phone.<

I had wanted a phone with a keyboard (i.e., like the Karma) so I could use a datebook feature, but didn’t know much about any other phone…I had set my heart on the Karma. In the end, I mentioned the Impression (a phone I had not really considered because of price). My dilemma was “What if I can get this phone?Then I’m sticking my wife with an inferior phone.” So we got two Samsung Impressions at really excellent prices.

We’ve already had a mixed bag of experiences with our Impressions. There are really some interesting features and unfortunate shortcomings of this phone. Here is a list of both.

  • Pros
    1. I really love the real QWERTY keyboard as well as the digital keyboard on the touchscreen.
    2. I really love how I can move widgets, etc. around the touchscreen.
    3. Call quality is good.
    4. From other websites, the SAR rating is apparently really low.
    5. The 3.0MP camera is amazing. Both video and pictures are much better than I expected from a phone camera. That was a feature I really never expected to use–man, was I wrong.
    6. The music player is great.
    7. The phone renders HTML and .ppt files automatically.
    8. The calendar application is…growing on me.
  • Cons
    1. Unbeknownst to me, the Impression doesn’t have voice dialing. My wife and I had grown strangely accustomed to this feature. However, I really hadn’t thought much about it since I mainly used my Razr with my left-thumb to dial a number. She really relied upon it.
    2. Once my text messaging inbox/outbox/sentbox got full, the Impression fell into the well-known loop where you can’t turn off the phone. You have to remove the battery.
    3. My wife’s phone has already cycled twice (in less than one month) for what appears to be no reason whatsoever.
    4. We’re also not sure if it’s our ageing bluetooth headsets or the phone’s bluetooth connection, but my wife’s headset drops connection sometimes.

Today was the last day to return the phone in exchange for another phone. The closest store is 45 minutes away and I’m exhausted with two little boys who need naps. Although I considered exchanging for the Mythic, I do not have the time or the energy to exchange these phones.

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