A Review of Ready Player One

A few weeks ago, in my local library, I saw a book called Ready Player One by Ernest Cline.  With a little “googling”, I found a Wikipedia page and an IMDB page sharing that Steven Spielberg is going to be its film adaptation director.  Clearly this book was something to take a look at.  When a friend of mine from work recommended it and shared that it shared similarities to Ender’s Game, I was sold on the idea of reading it.

Along with a few other books, I checked RPO out from my public library and left on my vacation in late January.  Let’s get into the review.

Brief Review of Ready Player One

(No spoilers.)

Set in the future, the world has basically gone straight downhill (dystopian society).  With the advent of virtual reality and easy access to that VR, everyone engages through the VR (school, life, sex…everything).  The creator of the VR, a true genius, upon his death has disclosed a contest in the VR that people must win to take his position as controller of the VR.

With themes such as alliances, love, murder, and competition, the book keeps intrigue moving.  However, there was also a level of predictability that kept the story from being to stressful to read.  This is a cross of “The Matrix” (less the cheesey “I know Kung Fu” quotes) and Ender’s Game where elements are familiar to both with an unwitting surprise at the end.

Check out my video review below.


I wholeheartedly encourage this easy, comfortable read. If you want to pick up a copy, I’d head over to your local public library.  Alternately, feel free to buy the book from this site.

The book was a good book, not a great book.  Without too much anxiety or angst, this book tells a fun story with great 80’s and 90’s references making it an almost perfect book to those of us over 30.  Take it along for a vacation or for an easy read at lunch or dinner breaks.

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