This page is a guide to all the resources that I wish I could have found on the sites of other writers around the internet.  Hopefully, these products will be as useful to you as they have been to me.  You’ll note that I have multiple sections, and more will be added over time.


Domestic Resources

The products listed below are links to products (most of which are affiliate links) that I have found useful.  I hope these benefit you.

  1. Superchip Flashpaq 3841 for Ram 1500.  You can read about the performance improvement that I received on my truck.
  2. Dyson DC50 Multifloor Upright Compact Vacuum.  This little vacuum cleaner has been a wonderful little addition to our home.

Tech Resources

  1. Samsung Galaxy S5 (affiliate link).  You can read about my experiences with the S5 through my unboxing, my video analysis, and even some of my problems.
  2. Samsung Gear 2 Neo (affiliate link).  You can read about my experiences with the Gear 2 Neo.