Shaving Like An Old Man (Part Three)

Double-edged Wet Shave Razor Blade Review


I’ve written the following three posts concerning my transition to a double-edged safety razor:

Hopefully, you’ve come from them and found those posts useful. They detailed my entry into shaving using a non-standard technique: the double-edged wet shave.

Razor Blade Review

Now, I’m going to write a brief razor blade review. I’m writing this for my own benefit; if someone else finds it useful, too, that is just icing on the cake.

  1. Gillete 7 O’Clock Super Stainless – One blade. Although the blade gave a great shave, I felt like portions of a blade edge were at slightly different heights. By this I mean that one part of a blade edge consistently (with no pressure difference, side-to-side) dug into my face and neck while the same blade edge at the other end did not. Certainly, at the end of six shaves, it was time to replace the blade. 1/24/2013. I’m appending another note here. I just finished the second blade. I lost exact count of the number of shaves, but I’m guessing around shave #7. Pretty dull blade. Cut beard down, but my chin certainly looked like it had a 5 o’clock shadow when I was finished. All in all, the experience was much better than with my first blade of that series.
  2. Astra Superior Platinum – One blade. Tomorrow will be shave number seven. So far, the blade remains sharp although I can tell it has lost its super-sharp edge. I’ve knicked myself a little more with this blade, but it’s my own fault. I try to make some extra long strokes with the razor and end up knicking my neck in concave regions. I can, however, get my Adam’s Apple pretty easily.
  3. Trig Silver Edge – One blade. Felt rough against my skin. Like it was being pulled the entire time. Probably won’t go back to these other than just to make sure it wasn’t a fluke blade. (10 February¬† 2013)
    Trig Blade
  4. Feather Blade-Dang! Smoothest shave ever! I couldn’t even feel it going across my skin! however, when I was done, I had nicked myself at least 10 times. Will I try this blade again? Most likely!
    2013-02-12 17.45.43
  5. Trig Stainless Blade-I shave against the grain regularly. Today was the first day that I’ve had razor burn from a DE safety razor. This blade feels like it is tugging at my beard the entire time. It feels much the blade from two entries above. I am done with this brand.


I recognize that my observations may be singular instances of shaving with a blade (manufacturer/style) and consequently are not indicative of my final blade choice. I also recognize that some of the changes in shaves may be resultant of my own technique changing.

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