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Ram 1500 Air Filter Change

Ram 1500 Air Filter ChangeIntro

Depending on the manufacturer, make, model, and even user manual revision of your car, maintenance intervals all happen at wildly different mileage counts. Regardless, one thing that will always need to be regularly maintained is how your vehicle breathes in air. Road dirt and driving conditions may change when you have to change your air filter, but an air filter is the sentry for all air to enter into your vehicle’s motor. If your air filter gets too dirty, you could be sacrificing power or fuel economy.

Ram 1500 Air Filter Change

A Ram 1500 air filter change isn’t hard and DIYers should find this an easy task. You can buy filters for this truck at your local auto parts store or have it delivered to your house for your own time and convenience. By changing the air filter on your Ram you’ll easily save the high markup and labor fees of maintenance shops/garages–probably saving the cost of the filter again.

From the front of the truck, on the passenger side, there’s a large, black box that houses the air filter. A large hose runs out of the side of top of the box into the intake on the truck–you can’t miss it. It is held in place through a variety of clamps and a slotted fitting. When you release these clamps, you can lift the top of the breather box up and you then have access to the filter. In fact, it looks similar to the one in the above image. Pull your new filter out of the packaging, and swap it for the old filter you just pulled out of the breather box. Remount the top of the breather box and cinch it back into place using the clamps. All in all, this job should not take more than 10 minutes.

The following video displays how I make a air filter change on my Ram 1500.


Like the one in the image, the filter I used in the video can be easily picked up at any automotive store. Both filters for a Ram 1500 5.7L V-8 (the Hemi) sell for about twenty dollars. I change this filter each year as a matter of regular maintenance knowing that the investment will pay off in the long run.

I hope the video and article have helped inspire people to do some of their own regular auto maintenance.  In truth, a Ram 1500 air filter change and the air filter change on most other American auto manufacturers are almost identical.

What other maintenance do you do when you change your air filter?  Leave your responses in the comment section!

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