Radio working in boat!


In the boat I purchased this summer, the old cassette player (yes, you read it right) ate cassettes like I eat bacon and couldn’t have tuned in a station on the front platform of the boat.

Radio Working

I was given a gift of an in-dash CD player and marine radio. It was a really great purchase at Amazon with good reviews.  

Recently, I tried to install the Pyle PLMRKIT106 marine CD player.  I had followed the wiring diagrams to the letter.  The wiring harness had four wires:  red (live), black (ground), blue (power antenna), and yellow (preset memory, direct to battery).  Believing that the only two I needed were red and black I wired in, I attached the ties and couldn’t make the player work.  Further believing that my wiring was amiss, I directly attached the red and black leads to the battery terminals, themselves.  Again, no go.

Unbeknownst to me, I was moved to tie in the yellow (always powered) lead to the battery.  Eureka!  It worked.  Radio stations were crystal clear.  I haven’t tried any CDs yet.


Moral:  you must wire that yellow (preset memory) line in to make the player have power.

The radio working in boat!
The radio installed in our boat.

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