Palm, Linux, and Google


To all who know me, I’m a pretty avid fan of a lot of things. Perhaps one of the biggest is Linux. I also pack around (and advocate) a personal data assistant (PDA). I, in particular, have packed around a Palm (IIIc or Zire) now for about 3 years. I highly recommend using one of these devices as it has dramatically increased my ability to keep records, keep my schedule, and keep my contacts up to date and in one place. Further, such a device is highly compatible with (you guessed it) Linux.


When I got the new laptop, I needed a data assistant. I used the Palm application in Windows. In the past I’ve used Jpilot (now defunct). It is a very intuitive way of using the Palm with Linux. In older versions of Linux, I’ve had to make symbolic links, etc. After I did a “yum install jpilot” as root, all the dependencies were installed and “voila!” all the need for the symlinks, etc. is gone. I issue the HotSync command from the Palm OS interface, and click “Sync” on the Jpilot interface and it works. That’s right, it just works. You can go to their website for screenshots, if you’re interested.


So one problem has been evading me: how does my wife see my schedule from anywhere else? This is where Google Calendar comes into play. Using Jpilot, I export to iCal format. Google Calendar imports these automatically. My calendar is that uploaded to the Google Calendar app. The CSV (comma separated values) format just didn’t upload (or export, I suppose, from Jpilot) properly to Google Calendar. Hence, I was forced to go with the iCal format which I do not believe was available in earlier versions of Jpilot.

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