Old Problems Made New Again!


In a post on Fedora Forums, I heard a comparison similar to this..

“Grabbing the updates for Fedora recently is similar to playing Russian Roulette with five loaded chambers.”

I can’t argue.

Old Problems Made New, Again!

I recently had an old problem arise that I’d not seen in almost two years. When I borrowed a Dell D610 from NCSU’s math department, under Fedora (probably core 6), the mouse would track from left to right, and bottom top in an arc-like fashion. I never got it fixed then and it is so intermittent that I doubt I’ll fix it now.

Currently, I have a list of old problems that are really recurring problems.  These things work poorly or flakily in Linux:

    1. The above infrequent mouse oddness,
    2. With the latest kernel and kmod-nvidia updates, I’m now seeing some craziness on the restart from suspend,
    3. Periodically a key sticks. Randomness, and
    4. Although wireless is heads and shoulders about what it used to be and works flawlessly for me most of the time, I still have 10-20 minute periods where softwares like networkmanager (with frontend KNetworkmanager) just don’t see my wireless router.


I love Linux and the freedom it provides. I’m continually impressed with the new KDE 4. As long as they can fix the Akonadi error that hits me all the time with Kontact, I’ll be won over forever.

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