Ogg Vorbis on Sansa Fuze


Today I updated the firmware on my Sansa Fuze.

I didn’t do this as a matter of regular routine maintenance but as a need to the ability to play songs as Ogg Vorbis on Sansa Fuze players–we have two of them. I couldn’t play the Ogg Vorbis (.ogg) format although it was touted on the website–that was one of the reasons we bought them. Why can’t I play these filetypes?

Being a fan of open source software, I’m also a fan of open source audio codecs and Ogg Vorbis is fantastic. It turns out that Sandisk has addressed this issue for the Sansa Fuze.

Ogg Vorbis on Sansa Fuze

Apparently, I had a revision 1 player. There is a second revision available, so be careful with which firmware you need to download. You can check this out by examining the settings–the revision number is clear. I went to the Sansa Fuze Knowledge Base page on updating the Fuze firmware and downloaded the available firmware file. I extracted the .zip file to my desktop, creating a folder named fuzeA.bin. Inside that folder was a fifteen MB fuzeA.bin file.

Set your Fuze to be in MSC mode (Settings->USB Mode). Then, simply drag and drop the actual .bin-file into the main directory for the Fuze. Wait for the transfer to complete itself, then disconnecting (eject the hardware, in Windows) and be sure the Fuze has been cleanly unmounted. The Fuze will automatically install it’s own update.

Alternately, one could directly use the Windows/Mac software and update the USB in a less invasive way. That information is also available at the above Knowledge Base site. The installation procedure looks a lot like the following image.

Ogg Vorbis on Sansa Fuze.
Image of update process borrowed gratefully from http://kb.sandisk.com/.


I tested this out by ripping a CD or two to .ogg format and then copying the music into the Fuze. It works!  I’m glad to play music in the format of Ogg Vorbis on Sansa Fuze MP3 players.


Thanks Sandisk!

Feel free to leave any questions or comments below!

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