NTFS-3g and noatime

NTFS-3g is the 3rd generation of Linux NTFS support. Unbeknown to me, if you add the entry in your /etc/fstab file using the NTFS command, i.e.,

/dev/sda1 /WinXP ntfs defaults 0 0

you will in fact be able to read the directory. The change to ntfs-3g in the above line of fstab is no big deal. Appending a rw before the “defaults” command will of course make the drive readable and writable.

NTFS-3g and noatime

I added NTFS-3g support to Fedora Core 6 by simply issuing as root “yum install ntfs-3g”. Thank you for good package managers.

Noatime in /etc/fstab (according to www.faqs.org) allows the OS to not write to the hard disk everytime the OS accesses the hard disk. It should result in fairly decent gains in some instances. I’ve enabled this for certain to my NTFS and FAT32 drives which Linux is mounting.

I can remount everything in the /etc/fstab file by issuing a “mount -a” as root.

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