No CPU Throttling (Part 2)

In a rebooting message, I noticed something (which I’ve not been able to find again) about a missing file in a certain directory. So I did some investigating.

If I go to


directory I see a plethora of subdirectories including cpu0/ and cpu1/. The error warning mentioned missing files, so I started looking through subdirectories for file differences. In cpu0/cpufreq/ there are a lot of files relating to cpu frequency idling and such. In cpu1/ there is no such directory. It is there BEFORE the resume/suspend combination, but not after. Actually, in cpu1/, there is a symbolic link to the directory cpu0/cpufreq.

Even as root, I cannot copy those files or create a directory for these purposes. My guess, is there’s a rule somewhere to make sure that directory gets created.

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