I’m am ndiswarpped!

So I’ve got a few new things to say. First, the package updating things in Kubuntu are pretty fabulous.

I pulled out an old desktop to have several computers to use while I’m working from home during the day. I had an older installation of Kubuntu on this desktop. I pulled it out of the mothballs and it just worked. Score one for Kubuntu.

The (Adept I’m guessing) graphical package management system in Kubuntu notified me that there was a new version of Kubuntu available. I agreed to the update….and it did it all for me. I rebooted and I have the new version of Kubuntu working on this old desktop. Amazing. Score another one for Kubuntu.

Here’s my second thing to say: when I use ndiswrapper and get a new kernel, I’d like updating software to recognize that I was using this software and take of this all for me. Yes, automagically.

However, I had ndiswrapper making my Netgear WG111v1 USB wireless NIC work with Linux. I obviously keep the Windows driver (.inf file) available. After I rebooted with my new Kubuntu, I had to reinstall the new 1.47 version of ndiswrapper from .tar.gz archive. After untarring and ung-zipping the archive, I gave the ‘make distclean’ command followed by (as root because my standard user account wasn’t privileged enough to do this for some reason) ‘make’. Then I gave the ‘make install’ command. I used the -i option to install the netwg111.inf file to ndiswrapper. I issued ‘modprobe ndiswrapper’ to load the module and ‘ndiswrapper -m’ to make sure it’s loaded on startup. A reboot got me to where I wanted to go.

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