More Calendaring Things/Palm

So, in one of the last posts, I detailed how I was enjoying Mozilla Sunbird. I continued using it considerably. I really like the format and the ability to customize the interface. However currently Google has not released the API for the calendar and so no one knows how to sync back up to the Calendar. There is a daemon written in Java (which I cannot recall its name) that does this and supposedly takes up few system resources. I’m skeptical.

Unfortunately, I also experienced some stability issues and have started experimenting with Kpilot/Korganizer. This is a combo (not one application) and it seems a little clunky. However, due to how the Kpilot daemon works, I need only hit the “sync button” on my Palm and the daemon handles the rest. Korganizer will also download the Google Calendars which I desire but cannot write back (obviously). I had initially moved away from Jpilot because I don’t like the list-style calendar and not a time-block oriented appearance. Plus, the latest version of my Google Calendar in .ics format crashed Jpilot and required the removal of my .jpilot directory.

Another new interesting thing is that somewhere in the last version or so of my kernel updates (I’m currently running, the Visor module was blacklisted and so my Palm wouldn’t sync at all. Every time I had reinstalled a Fedora, I used the fix found at″ had always made everything work fine. But this time it didn’t. A little googling revealed that the new kernel (standard) blacklists the visor module and that the attempt is to move us to the libusb way of doing things. There was in fact in /etc/modprobe.d a “blacklist-visor” file with that same command. I simply commented out the command in that file and gave issued /sbin/modprobe visor. This should load everytime, coincidentally.

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