MATLAB Tutorials

MATLAB Tutorials
Borrowed from MATLAB is a powerful tool for prototyping and visualization.

For many, MATLAB tutorials will be the way that they learn how to program. MATLAB, a tool used by many for rapid protyping, visualization, and education, is a robust and powerful tool. In short, I want my students to have these skills as they head into the work force.

At LaGrange College, where I’m an assistant professor in the Department of Mathematics, I was privileged to teach a course on MATLAB. Today was the last day. I’ll start posting hyperlinks to the presentations and any useful .m-files or .mat-files. Hopefully they’ll all help!

The First of Many MATLAB Tutorials

The first presentation is posted at:
MATLAB Lecture 1. The following topics are discussed in this lecture:

  • The Origins and Purpose of MATLAB
  • The Pros and Cons of MATLAB
  • Basic discussion of the main desktop (brief) and more detailed discussion of the help and documentation
  • Variable typing and precision (both are basic)
  • Three in-class groupwork exercises

As more of this content gets posted, I hope an internet community finds these useful.

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