Make Coffee with a French Press

Not long ago, I wrote this article on using a coffee bean grinder to grind coffee.  But, not long after making the video in that article I realized that if people don’t grind their own beans, they probably use a regular drip-style brewer and may not have experienced the French press way of making coffee.

Make Coffee with a French Press

A French press is actually very simple.  It is, simply put, a container that will hold a solution of coffee grounds with hot water while the grounds steep.  The top of the French press is a container that also contains a plunger on a post.  At the bottom of the plunger is a metal filter.    As the plunger is pushed down, the grounds are strained out of the solution, now coffee for the drinking.

There are some primary differences to making coffee using a French press.

    • The first is that coffee grounds make a difference.  You have to use coarsely ground beans so they’ll be large enough to be strained from the coffee. You can either grind these yourself or buy them at a specialty store or grocery in a coarse grind.
    • You have to heat your own water.  I use the following electric tea kettle:

  • You’ll have to add the water and keep track of time. I typically use a 4-minute timer.
  • When, the timer has expired, you can plunge the coffee grounds to the bottom and pour out the freshly brewed coffee. The grounds will remain held tightly to the bottom of the press until you remove the lid and wash them out.

I’m including the video I made on making coffee with a French press.


The process to make coffee with a French press is easy and inexpensive.  You get to pick the bean (i.e., flavor) and temperature.  Most importantly, even though potentially more expensive per cup than a drip-brewer, it is cheaper per cup than a Keurig or going to the local Starbucks.  Further, the cost of many French presses is low and has no moving parts to break and requires no electricity.

After getting used to the taste of coffee made with a French press, a drip brewer just isn’t quite as good.  You’ll be experiencing coffee just as good as that made in an upscale shop.

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