LG TONE PRO Bluetooth Headset (HBS-750).

Seven Things You Should Know About the LG TONE PRO Bluetooth Headset


Almost two years ago, now, I was introduced to the wonders of bluetooth headphones.  I had used bluetooth headsets (for my phones) since 2005 but they had been a tool–related to the fact that we drove incredible distances to see family.  Their sound quality was pitiful and their battery life wasn’t much better.

Rush forward to 2014.  A friend of mine was sporting a bluetooth headphone set and I was amazed.  Apparently, they held good battery life, didn’t die when he was sweaty, and had good sound quality. In fact, he wore them like some people wear a watch or their wedding band–all the time.

LG Tone Pro Bluetooth Headset

In March, I finally purchased one for myself.  In fact, I made this video as an unboxing review:

That was in March.  Four months later, I’ve given a great deal of thought to these devices that follow me around everywhere.  Here are the seven things I wish I had known about these headphones:

  1. If you’re running with this device, it’s awesome.  The weighted ends keep it pulled down and the neck-piece doesn’t bounce around.
  2. I hear some whistling in my ears when I run outside (I have large ear canals) but not inside.  I have switched to the largest ear insert, it just doesn’t matter.
  3. For push-ups or general sitting/standing weight-lighting, this headset continues to be awesome.  See item #1.
  4. The sound quality is fabulous–all the time–and so I use it for phone calls, in the car (when everyone is asleep and never so loud I can’t hear sirens, horns, etc.), or whenever I want to use headphones with a bluetooth-compatible device.
  5. For sit-ups or any kind of exercise where I lay down, there are problems.  When I lay back  I often just turn the unit around and wear it backwards.  Otherwise, the unit just falls off and is dangling by the cords to my ears.
  6. The battery life is tremendous.  I go a month in between charges with usage of about ten hours per week.
  7.  The pairing works well–sometimes too well.  In fact, it will often attempt to pair with at least one of my devices and will not pair with the one I like.  Further, once I go out of range with one of those extra devices, the automated voice will remind me for quite some time.   To fix this I simply have to turn it off, re-pair it to my preferred device and go on.

The most commonly asked question I see about these headphones is about the thinness of the lead from the unit to the ear bud.  Will this thin line break or wear out?  So far, I have no indication of any type of fatigue.  But, these shouldn’t have great problems because that line isn’t creased or doubled.

Finally, I have had no problems syncing these headphones to either an iPad or at least three Android devices.  My laptop is not bluetooth-enabled or I’d never use any other headphones.


Am I glad I purchased the LG Tone Pro bluetooth headset?  Absolutely–it’s one of the better, inexpensive purchases I have made in the last year.  It goes with me to work, I use it at home to watch movies (the sound quality with Gravity was fabulous), while I’m at the gym, or while I’m working around the house.

If you’re interested in buying one of these headsets, their price has fallen drastically as newer models continue to become available.    To find this unit at Amazon (where I bought mine), follow the affiliate link:  http://amzn.to/1IiyAcd.

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