LaTeX commands in Xfig

I do a lot of image manipulation in Xfig. Since I’m an applied mathematician, mathematical notation is a must in my images. The images help the reader to visualize the concept. After years of beating myself up over minor repositionings and such in Xfig, I came across the following link:

Here’s the basic gist of the site:

  1. Click on the text insertion icon “T”
  2. Change (in Text Flags) “Special Flag” to “Special”.
  3. Write the text using the LaTeX commands as normal.
  4. Save your Xfig .fig figure.
  5. Export using “Combined PS/LaTeX” or any of the other variants. This produces the PS file associated as well.
  6. You should end up with a file that was “filename.pstex_t”. Use the input{filename.pstex_t} command in LaTeX within a figure environment to have this file included and properly rendered in your LaTeX file.

I must also note that I must dismiss certain errors or comments in Xfig. However, my images turn out fine. I have had considerable difficulty with the rotation of characters (such as curly braces). The .tex file would not compile.

Thanks Professor Kozdron.

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