Fedora 9 on a Dell Latitude D630.

Kubuntu problems


Time is currently at a premium. However, my wife needs a stable Linux installation for finishing up her degree at NCSU as well. Consequently, a Linux that is almost just usable is necessary.

Kubuntu Problems

In some aspects, Ubuntu excelled at having a Linux install that was just usable. To help make the machine more usable, nVidia and Broadcom drivers just got installed.

In aspects of power management (in particular), stability was not the case. Lid close suspend didn’t work. That wasn’t a big issue until (with the -19 kernel upgrade) it wouldn’t resume either. I didn’t have time to kill with the installation. Further, the laptop was freezing frequently doing random things. This may be design, but it’s still a problem.

Fedora 9 Installation

So I installed Fedora 9 via the NetInstaller. It went very smoothly. I chose all the packages that I wanted to install and let it go. I used the NC State http net server gathering information from here.

I used http://fedoramobile.org/fc-wireless/bcm43xx-yum-extras (now defunct) to get information on the installation of the Broadcom wireless NIC. A sample screenshot is

Suspend when closing the lid still doesn’t work and the nVidia driver wouldn’t allow resume to occur. However, I commented out the “idia” in the xorg.conf file from “nvidia” and resume occurs using the open source “nv” drivers.


I’ll keep posting about future results. For now the machine is usable, but not stable. Hopefully, with more patches and software updates, the computer will be better than it was.

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