Kdenlive Audio Align


I recently tried the ‘Align Audio’ tool.  If you’re using a nonlinear video editing suite and haven’t tried this tool, you should.  Let me demonstrate the Kdenlive Audio Align tool.

Kdenlive Audio Align

If you’re using an external microphone that is recording microphone to a separate unit than the audio from your video camera, this tool will work great for two distinct purposes.

  1.  No longer will you be manually attempting to align the clearly recorded microphone audio and your “just okay” audio from the video recorder.
  2. You can use this tool to simply put audio clips in the perfect spot without even trying to get close to where it should be aligned.

In either case, here’s how you use the tool



I’ve recently had the problem that my Kdenlive wasn’t working well.  Running a ‘sudo bash’ at the command line and then a ‘kdenlive’ solved this issue.  This implies that somewhere, whether with software or profile, I’ve got a permissions issue.

However, I just tried the “Align Audio References”.  Wow.  What a great tool.


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