KDE Reinstall

On Saturday I thought that I would exercise my Linux “expertise” (what a laugh!) and thin down the unnecessary software on my computer. I mean, I don’t use a lot of this stuff anyways! So I went through the Fedora software removal screens and removed a lot of unnecessary languages, etc. (Learn from me!) I also removed SANE and several other packages which I just KNEW never got used.

Many of the programs which I use daily rely on these packages as dependencies. When I removed these, I necessarily and consequently removed the programs themselves. A list of these include (but are not necessarily limited to)

  • KDE Itself, the master Desktop environment and it’s display manager KDM
  • Firefox
  • Pidgin
  • Openoffice.org
  • HAL and the associated HAL daemon
  • .

After rebooting into TWM (the default windowing manager that Fedora includes for people who screw up their computers like I did) and finding the problems, I got back KDE. I did a

yum groupinstall “KDE (K Desktop Environment)”
yum install firefox
yum install pidgin
yum install openoffice-base
yum install openoffice.org-writer
yum install openoffice.org-calc
yum install openoffice.org-impress
yum install openoffice.org-base
yum install hal

to get back what I had lost. However, it fixed the JVM on my machine and now I can launch MATLAB with full desktop (which I couldn’t do before).

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