KDE 4.4

Wow, am I impressed. I had been holding off on giving KDE 4.4 a shot, but now I’m not really sure why. Perhaps, I wasn’t too impressed with even KDE 4.3. However, stylistically, this KDE is beautiful and fast. Beyond that, it’s smart.

Perhaps the feature I’m most impressed by is the ability to enable desktop effects when I am connected via AC adapter and the automation of disabling those effects when on battery. Brilliant. I have wanted that customization for years (ever since I saw the desktop effects well utilized on a Mac running OS X).

I even took a stroll around the NetBook display settings. What a change in a desktop paradigm. Good job guys!

Suspend is a little slow as apparently KNetworkManager (the application that replaces nm-applet) waits to acquire the network connection before the password entry box is located. But at least it works with KNetworkManager. KDE 4.3 would crash for me with either nm application/applet

So far, we’re a winner.

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