KDE 4.2 In Fedora Updates

Perhaps these updates had been there for quite some time, but upon the

sudo yum update

command, I received the following need of updates:

Dependencies Resolved

Package Arch Version Repository Size
PyKDE4 x86_64 4.2.0-1.fc10 kde-testing 5.1 M
alsa-utils x86_64 1.0.19-1.fc10 updates 1.0 M
audit x86_64 1.7.11-2.fc10 updates 381 k
audit-libs x86_64 1.7.11-2.fc10 updates 80 k
audit-libs-python x86_64 1.7.11-2.fc10 updates 81 k
gegl x86_64 0.0.22-1.fc10 updates 689 k
google-gadgets x86_64 0.10.5-1.fc10 kde-testing 2.1 M
google-gadgets-qt x86_64 0.10.5-1.fc10 kde-testing 250 k
gstreamer-plugins-good x86_64 0.10.11-4.fc10 updates 1.1 M
kdeaccessibility x86_64 1:4.2.0-1.fc10 kde-testing 6.6 M
kdeartwork x86_64 4.2.0-1.fc10 kde-testing 14 M
kdebase x86_64 6:4.2.0-1.fc10 kde-testing 5.7 M
kdebase-libs x86_64 6:4.2.0-1.fc10 kde-testing 270 k
kdebase-runtime x86_64 4.2.0-1.fc10 kde-testing 6.7 M
kdebase-runtime-libs x86_64 4.2.0-1.fc10 kde-testing 1.3 M
kdebase-workspace x86_64 4.2.0-1.fc10 kde-testing 13 M
kdebase-workspace-libs x86_64 4.2.0-1.fc10 kde-testing 724 k
kdeedu x86_64 4.2.0-1.fc10 kde-testing 24 M
kdeedu-kstars x86_64 4.2.0-1.fc10 kde-testing 10 M
kdeedu-libs x86_64 4.2.0-1.fc10 kde-testing 713 k
kdeedu-math x86_64 4.2.0-1.fc10 kde-testing 3.5 M
kdegames x86_64 6:4.2.0-1.fc10 kde-testing 32 M
kdegames-libs x86_64 6:4.2.0-1.fc10 kde-testing 1.3 M
kdegraphics x86_64 7:4.2.0-1.fc10 kde-testing 2.5 M
kdegraphics-libs x86_64 7:4.2.0-1.fc10 kde-testing 1.8 M
kdelibs x86_64 6:4.2.0-1.fc10 kde-testing 13 M
kdelibs-common x86_64 6:4.2.0-1.fc10 kde-testing 271 k
kdemultimedia x86_64 6:4.2.0-1.fc10.1 kde-testing 1.7 M
kdemultimedia-libs x86_64 6:4.2.0-1.fc10.1 kde-testing 307 k
kdenetwork x86_64 7:4.2.0-1.fc10 kde-testing 8.1 M
kdenetwork-libs x86_64 7:4.2.0-1.fc10 kde-testing 1.7 M
kdepim x86_64 6:4.2.0-1.fc10 kde-testing 11 M
kdepim-libs x86_64 6:4.2.0-1.fc10 kde-testing 7.3 M
kdepimlibs x86_64 4.2.0-1.fc10 kde-testing 2.2 M
kdeplasma-addons x86_64 4.2.0-1.fc10 kde-testing 5.0 M
kdesdk x86_64 4.2.0-1.fc10 kde-testing 7.2 M
kdesdk-libs x86_64 4.2.0-1.fc10 kde-testing 280 k
kdesdk-utils x86_64 4.2.0-1.fc10 kde-testing 258 k
kdeutils x86_64 6:4.2.0-1.fc10 kde-testing 2.8 M
ksysguardd x86_64 4.2.0-1.fc10 kde-testing 70 k
libical x86_64 0.41-2.fc10 updates 213 k
libmal x86_64 0.44-1.fc10 kde-testing 62 k
libmsn x86_64 4.0-0.8.beta2.fc10 kde-testing 287 k
nfs-utils x86_64 1:1.1.4-7.fc10 updates 304 k
ntp x86_64 4.2.4p6-1.fc10 updates 1.4 M
ntp-perl x86_64 4.2.4p6-1.fc10 updates 22 k
ntpdate x86_64 4.2.4p6-1.fc10 updates 56 k
oxygen-icon-theme noarch 4.2.0-1.fc10 kde-testing 15 M
phonon x86_64 4.3.0-2.fc10 kde-testing 195 k
phonon-backend-gstreamer x86_64 4.3.0-2.fc10 kde-testing 81 k
phonon-backend-xine x86_64 4.3.0-2.fc10 kde-testing 149 k
rsync x86_64 3.0.5-1.fc10 updates 351 k
sos noarch 1.8-9.fc10 updates 177 k
tzdata noarch 2009a-1.fc10 updates 769 k
tzdata-java noarch 2009a-1.fc10 updates 169 k
util-linux-ng x86_64 2.14.1-3.2.fc10 updates 2.0 M
Installing for dependencies:
dustin-dustismo-fonts-common noarch 20030318-3.fc10 kde-testing 9.7 k
dustin-dustismo-roman-fonts noarch 20030318-3.fc10 kde-testing 174 k
fontpackages-filesystem noarch 1.15-1.fc10 updates 3.9 k
kdeedu-marble x86_64 4.2.0-1.fc10 kde-testing 18 M
libgadu x86_64 1.8.2-1.fc10 fedora 59 k

Transaction Summary
Install 5 Package(s)
Update 56 Package(s)
Remove 0 Package(s)

Total download size: 236 M
Is this ok [y/N]:

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