Just like that…

Just Like That…

Two days ago, at suppertime, something happened in my household that changed how things just “are”. My littlest child suddenly seemed unhappy sitting in the high chair beside the dining room table and wanted to sit in the booster seat at the table itself. Just like that, it was over. Since then, he has not eaten a meal in the high chair.

This event happened with no acclaim. No one praised him for doing such nor was there any lamentation made over this milestone in my youngest’s life. But, something is different. He is maturing.

Reflection and Foresight

Not so long ago, he was born. Then he rolled over. Teeth popped out, he stood upright, he switched entirely from solid foods, and he started using utensils to eat. Now, I see a toddler (a big toddler) running around my home. Capable of opening doors and nonverbally and verbally communicating. He mimics our every move and smiles wonderfully afterward. He is just as proud of his own achievements as I am amazed at his progress.

Yet, for all my pride in my son, the empty high-chair in my dining room reminds me that my toddler is a little boy and not a baby. My parents warn me of the impending doom: my little boy will not be such for long. Soon, he will be interacting socially (as elementary schoolkids do), then curiousity will pique in girls, and soon he will be a teenager and (although I possess multiple graduate degrees) I will be reduced (in his mind) to a blathering idiot warning him of the consequences of choices.


For now, my wife, my cameras, my family and I will soak up every minute of the precious young, innocent, and naive lives of our children. May God give us the love, understanding, patience, and exhortation that we require and that our children deserve.

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