I had quite a bit of difficulty earlier getting my Intel Pro Wireless 3945 NIC to work using the iwlwifi project since the IPW3945 project was deprecated. I would however like to state my impressions now.

  1. Using the networkmanager daemon instead of the network daemon has actually increased my network usability.
  2. Use the knetworkmanager KDE program has made it as simple as most of us have seen at some time in Windows. However, I don’t have some of the weird annoying quirks that I had in Windows.
  3. With later release of all the software mentioned earlier, the wireless works very well out of standby.
  4. The Wifi light on my laptop which had always worked well with the IPW3945 project and which stopped working with the first round of iwl3945 drivers is now working again. Woohoo!

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