iwl3945 and knetworkmanager

So I had previously been running a 2.6.24 kernel and had not been having any success with my wireless NIC. I had to uninstall the ipw3945 drivers as these have been deprecated in favor of the iwlwifi project. I removed my dkms-ipw3945 module, ucode, and daemon. I then made sure I had all the iwl3945 and iwl3945-ucode installed.

I struggled for days (see my post at mandrivausers.org. I could get no results. I had found this link http://my.opera.com/avoulk/blog/show.dml/1728039 and had even enabled networkmanager, but still didn’t have the results I wanted. At the comment of iphitus in the above MUB thread, I rechecked into networkmanager.

It turns out that the gentleman above uses similar commands as in this page by Fedora. When I actually visited the NetworkManager website, I saw that there was a KDE client for this called knetworkmanager. A quick “sudo yum install knetworkmanager” and I was in business.

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