Installation of an LED Track Lighting Kit


When we bought our home, all of the lighting was standard.  What I mean is that it was contractor-grade standard.  The entire house was dark from lack of light and was painted a dark color in many places.  One such place was the closet in the master suite.

Painted a nice dark, flat green, my closet was a 5’x10′ space of gloom.  To compound this whole problem,  the builders put a single light fixture in the closet.  The space was dark beyond dark.

LED Track Lighting Installation

I decided to find a solution that would improve the lighting in the room and then to record and make a video detailing the process.  In the video (below), I remove a traditional light fixture from my closet and install, in its place, an LED track light kit with three bulbs.

The LED track light kit is Hampton Bay model number 16033KIT-WH and was bought at Home Depot for $99.98 (plus tax). The product can be purchased online and is Energy Star certified.

Here’s the process that I used:

  1. Prepare your tools (screwdriver and drill are preferred).
  2. Shut off electricity to space (a close in the case of this video).
  3. Remove old light fixture being cautious to replace wire caps (nuts) onto exposed wires.
  4. With the new dimmer piece, make electrical connections ABOVE the mounting plate in the junction box of the ceiling.
  5. Mount the plate to the junction box thereby pushing the electrical connections fully into the (probably recessed) junction box.
  6. Slide the track into place and make marks to drill for alligator retainer or drywall anchor.
  7. Drill hole(s) for alligator retainer(s) or drywall anchor(s).
  8. Affix track to ceiling by drywall anchor and tightening the retaining screws on the mounting bracket.
  9. Put cover on track to conceal electrical connections and mounting bracket.
  10. Insert one track light and test to ensure that the light fixture functions.
  11. If the fixture functions correct, insert the remaining two LED lights. Be careful to insert them correct onto the track. To remove them, pull down on the outside of the mount of the LED light.
  12. Position all lights for effective (or desired) lighting.

Here’s the video as I recorded it!


In the end, our closet is much more comfortably lit.  There is great comfort in knowing that we also have improved efficiency by use of those lights and they’ll probably outlast our time in this home (30+ years).  All in all, this was a great replacement.

If you have any questions or comments, let me know!

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