the Walk and Talk the Talk

The other day, on the public timeline, I saw this “dent”:

If you talk about open {source, standards, data} with only a twitter account, you are #fail. Use #identica if you want to walk the walk

I had never of thought of vs. Twitter in this fashion. But, the author is correct (I don’t know who that was, btw).

If you’re talking about FOSS, make sure that you actually support it. I moved my blog from Blogger to for that reason (and my conspiracy-theorist level of Google paranoia that is starting to grow). In like fashion, impressed me.

Sure, there are some things that Twitter does–very well in fact. The community is amazing. But, can never have a strong community unless the user hops into the use of that protocol. Personally, I’ve found the community to be more similarly aligned with my persona.

Further, I am continuously frustrated with’s downtime (I hate the stupid whale). So far, I’ve seen no downtime. I joined on May 16th.

So, to FOSS enthusiasts out there using Twitter, you talk the talk but can you walk the walk?

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