Hulu desktop for Linux.

Hulu Desktop


Services like Hulu, Netflix, and even Amazon Prime Instant Video are great services, but Linux users haven’t always been able to use them. Windows gets all of the immediate attention (big user base, we understand) and then Mac, and then (sometimes) Linux.

Hulu itself was a great idea. The ability to watch television shows–especially recently released television shows–online is fabulous! Finally, the idea of an application to use Hulu on your individual computer was even smarter. The terminal blow….Hulu Desktop for Linux.

Hulu Desktop on Linux

Linux users, feast your eyes on this, available at CNET (at your own risk). Available as .rpm for Fedora and .deb packages for Ubuntu (and other Debian-based distributions, I would imagine), the install was easy.

rpm ivh huludesktop-x86_64.rpm

was all I needed. I was using the sudo profile on my computer, but logging in as root or usurping the terminal use the su ability with the root profile is perfectly adequate as well.


Thanks, Hulu, for being Linux friendly! Perhaps, however, this wasn’t about being Linux friendly, but about being standards friendly. Since most Linux distributions live in and operate using industry standards, perhaps the Linux compatibility was more of a side effect rather than the goal.

Side effect or goal, Linux users are indifferent. We’re tired of watching Microsoft implement a new/different/slightly broken variant of a well-known and well-implemented standard. (Anyone remember J++?) We are, however, thankful for those industry leaders and innovators who play by the rules.

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