Grind coffee using a bean grinder.

Grind Coffee Using a Bean Grinder


Not long ago, a conversation with some family informed me of something I was very surprised to learn that not everyone knows how to grind coffee using a bean grinder. Since some time in graduate school (at least 10 years, now), I’ve been grinding coffee and brewing it in the morning. My coffee is fresher, stronger, and just tastes great. This process takes a little extra time, but part of the fun is the process.

So, how does one do this?

Grind Coffee Using a Bean Grinder

Some of you may be asking “What’s a bean grinder and why should I use one?” Ordinarily, when you buy coffee it’s already ground. (Think about that big tub of Folgers that your office keeps.) But, this pre-ground coffee dries out quickly and then loses its flavor.

When one obtains coffee beans, he/she must grind them in order to use them to brew coffee. The coffee is fresher and has more of the intended flavor.

Here’s the bean grinder that I use from Amazon (clearly an affiliate link):

This grinder is not the world’s best bean grinder but it works and mine has worked for years.

So, how do you grind coffee using a bean grinder? This is best demonstrated and my video follows:

Some grinds are for different uses. For example, for a traditional drip grinder, a fine grind is important. For a french press, a coarse grind is best.


When even a tall coffee from Starbucks is almost two dollars, every reasonable person who desires to live a calculated life should consider making quality coffee at home.

My favorite coffee brand and roast is from Peet’s and is the Major Dickason’s Blend. Even an expensive bag of coffee beans, like my favorite at $11, can make coffee in a traditional drip brewer or percolator for around a quarter per cup. At $11 per bag, for five days, at 10 cups of coffee, the cost is $0.22 per cup. That’s way cheaper than paying a store to do the same for you. Also, the coffee will be way fresher.

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