Funerals and Thoughts

Today, I was at the funeral of an elderly man who had just recently passed away.  I experienced a lot of thoughts and had some internal monologue.

Funerals and Thoughts

Here are some of the thoughts that arose from the funeral.

  1. “I want my boys to be able to say that about me.”  This fellow, now a great-grandfather, had three children.  Two of these children, now men in their 60’s, got up to speak.  They both cried during their discussions.  They did not bemoan their last interactions or the lack of time with their dad.  They cried because they had so much respect for him and want to be JUST LIKE HIM.  How many sons can say that?  I hope that (one day) mine can.
  2. Grace really is that amazing.  Every one of us is busted–completely broken.  God’s grace is really important to us (even the most devout).  We can’t do it on our own folks!
  3. Time is short.  Pictures on the projector showed a man of varying ages.  However, the young ones impressed me most.  In many of the pictures, this fine older man was clearly remembered (in cellulose) at ages similar to my current age!  Yet, there his body laid.  I began to wonder when the times of those I loved would come.



We don’t have much time with many people we love.  How are we using it?  Moreover, how are we using the opportunities that God grants us?

If you’ve got some good thoughts that were sparked by the loss of a loved one, leave them below in the comments.



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